Cream Cheese Cookies

My son loves cookies. Everytime I give him one piece of a cookie, he just wants to put it all inside his tiny mouth. He can eat it everyday without getting bored (yet).

I usually ordered homemade cookies for babies from CemalCemilCiamik. Their cookies are delicious. Without added sugar and salt for babies under 1 year old. I can’t believe the cookies still taste delicious.

My first order was 4 boxes of cheese cookies with some variations. It took 6 weeks for my son to eat all of them. Then after some months, I ordered again. Another 4 boxes of cookies : cheese, oat, raisin and veggies. We finished them in 10 days.

Oh my… My son does love them !! And now he keeps searching for the boxes. He wants more…
Should I order again ? I’ve ordered a lot this month. I’m looking for another homemade option which is a lot cheaper (yet still healthy). Then I browsed some cookie recipes.

These cookies are my third trial. I’ve failed twice and this is the successful ones. They’re delicious, easy to make, healthy and fill my son’s appetite. I got the recipe from, good source for any recipes. It is called Cream Cheese Cookies. Here they are.

Oh don’t get me wrong, CemalCemilCiamik is still a good option for homemade cookies for babies. I will definitely order more. šŸ™‚


Easy Cream Cheese Cookies from

4 oz cream cheese at room temperature
4 oz unsalted butter softened
1 t vanilla essence
1 cup flour

Cream butter and cream cheese together. Add remaining ingredients. Flour hands a little and roll dough into small balls. Press slightly with fork. Bake at 375F (190C) for about 12 minutes.

For about 300grams cookies

Note : leave the cream cheese outside the fridge for about 6 hours

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