Huize Trivelli

I had a chance to visit this heritage restaurant and enjoying their delicious meals for free ‎​Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴͡ .

It looked like a house outside, with Javanese gebyok (opening screen on their website).  I was greeted with a map of Batavia, artificial rain, fish pond, and sepeda onthel. It was the open air area of the restaurant. There are some old wooden tables & big old wooden chairs. Almost the size of a single sofa. The door slides and I entered the house.

Huize Trivelli has a lot.. I repeat.. A LOT of old antiques. China plates, traditional cake molds, piano, gramophone, type writer, paintings, tapestry, posters, pictures, chairs, tables, drink jars, stained glass windows, books, you name it. This place is an exhibition. Total exhibition.

You can choose whether you want to be seated in a more private rooms (with darker wall color, though) or in the main dining area which is brighter. They have various wooden chairs, simple ones and complicated carving ones. They’re big chairs. Comfortable and sturdy.
For the appetizer we were offerred Bitterbalen with mayonnaise. They have some delicious full course meal. We have Spaghetti Bolognese, Fillet, and Nasi goreng. They are delicious. Although I will pick the nasi goreng over spaghetti. Their chicken is crispy, not oily and perfect!

Finally we were given Klappertaart for the desert. The rhum tasted so strong. YUM ! They came in mini size though. I posted Klappertaart recipe which you can make with your own size & topping. Complete Satisfaction !

We have Ice Lemon Thee & Thee Sereh Njonja Ooet for our drinks. Refreshing.

For complete menu check their website.

This unique place is not kids friendly. Too much breakable items and narrow space. No high chairs. Dark color for the walls make the atmosphere kinda creepy.

One of my regret here is why I didn’t know this place exist when I was studying design ? This place offers great inspiration for art nouveau and old Batavia. Being there I felt that I could go back to the past. Just need to wear proper costume.

Overall, I like this place. It’s good for fine dining, small number of grown ups. And person who love culinary, eager to try a different kind of food. My father will not like this place. When I looked at their guestbook, they have guests from various European and Asian countries. Wow, a tourist attraction indeed !


Huize Trivelli
Jl. Persatuan Guru No. 7 Jakarta Pusat 10160
Tel./Fax.: 021 3865803


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