My Son’s First Work of Art

Inspired by No Time for Flash Cards and Peaceful Parenting, I decided to give paint a try with my 20 months old son. And here it is… I give you his 1st work of art. MILESTONE !

So what is that ? It’s actually a wind mill.

My original plan was for him to put pom poms on the double sided tape. He did, but he also pulled them out. Some thread remained. He put some in his mouth. I took them out. Again, again, and again… Arrgghh! OK dear, let`s try finger painting with food coloring. So I dropped some on the paper. He quickly smeared them. Then, he liked it !! He kept asking me to drop more. And the next thing we know, he started to drop them by himself on his feet. Ah…

It was a mess, but we had fun πŸ˜‰

Food coloring is edible, cheap, and available in many colors. Easy to clean on any surface : skin, floor and clothes. I’m going to restock. πŸ™‚

OK, maybe not that easy to clean on skin… πŸ˜€ need more bath & soap πŸ˜€


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