Digital Scrapbooking : Cheese Recipe Card

I’m addicted to make a recipe card for good recipes I found. I joined TheStudio’s March Recipe Card Challenge. The theme is Cheese. Oh wow… I’m not very fond of cheese, I’m more of a chocolate girl 😉 but I found good recipes with cheese. I think I will post 2 recipe card in this challenge. I just need to convert the measurement from grams to cup and oz. So… I don’t have a recipe card yet. I’m in the process of designing it 🙂

See Maurine Stettler’s starter kit… so adorable !!Image

And this is what I’ve come up with, a simple recipe card with recipe posted by Rika Melissa. Very interesting recipe which I will try.



One comment on “Digital Scrapbooking : Cheese Recipe Card

  1. shanti says:

    keren deh recipe cardnya… 🙂
    makasih yaa…

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