The Carrot Seed

My son is currently 23 months old.

I joined the April Virtual Book Club for Kids hosted by Toddler Approved. This April, we read The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss. I read & listen to it online from this youtube link. This is a simple book with a big message. I love the simple illustration, too bad I do not have it in my hands.

We need to do an activity with our children based on this book. So I’ve been thinking what is the age appropriate activity for my son ?

He is now in the mood of putting things in & out and stickers. So I made these 2 activities to adapt his interest.

Tissue Paper Carrots

I cut some orange tissue papers into stripes and gave it to him, with an example of how to crumple it. Well, actually he doesn’t need an example 🙂

We crumpled a lot of papers. Then I showed him to put the crumpled paper into a plastic bag which I already make into triangle shape (just need a little tape). He loves to put those papers into the bag. He first put them one by one, but then he grabbed some and put them together. After the bag is quite full, I tied it up, and gave my son the leaves to stick it on top of the remaining plastic. Oh so cute.

We managed to make 8 carrots. All done in 8 days :). When he lost his concentration in putting those papers in, he just eat them. So I stopped this activity and continue it tomorrow. That way, we make 1 per day.

This bright colored carrots stays next to his play dough, we play “plant the carrots” by covering it with the dough. And “harvest the carrots” by pulling them up.

Plant The Carrots

My son is also into stickers, so I made carrot stickers, following a tutorial from this video. Then I drew the garden & the little boy on a brown paper.

Next, I gave him the carrot stickers (image from FreeClipartNow), a wet towel and show him how to press the stickers on the wet towel then stick them on the garden.

And this is the result of our quick play.

It’s still wet from the water, sorry….

Wow, this is fun. I love to prepare an activity that is age appropriate, and also doing it together with my son. I will do it again!

I’m linking up with The Carrot Seed Virtual Book Club & Blog Hop


8 comments on “The Carrot Seed

  1. What engaging activities! My daughter loves crumpling up paper too! Great toddler activities!

  2. What fun activities working on such great fine motor skills! I love how you were inspired by your child’s interests too.Thanks for participating in book club this month!

  3. Very cute activity! I think my 3 year old would love to make these, too!

  4. These are great activities to go along with the book and so great for your son’s age!

  5. crafty elsie says:

    Those carrot bags are clever, especially using your son’s interests

  6. Gina @famiglia&seoul says:

    I love the tissue paper carrots! My son loves to crush paper in his hands, too! How fun to plant and harvest them in the playdough.

  7. Love the stickers idea! I think I need to run out to the dollar store right now and look for some! Love that idea. The tissue paper carrots are a great idea too! So fun.

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