The Very Quiet Cricket

Ouch, I didn’t manage to take any photos of my son doing this activity this month. We have been very busy with birthday preparation (he is having his 2nd birthday last Saturday! 🙂 ) and some illness. But we are fully recovered now.

The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle is a gentle and may I say romantic ? 🙂 I read the online version and they got it animated ! Beautiful ! I have been fascinated by Eric Carle’s illustration. Seems random but very detailed. I was planning to have my son imitate his illustration, in toddler way of course, but we didn’t make it… Hopefully other participant created the activity.

So, for this month’s Book Club Activity, we decided to go with the audio challenge for my son. I downloaded some insect sounds found in the book from JungleWalk and put it on my smartphone. I choose sounds that are distinguishable easily. Then I printed real images of the insects. They are bee, mosquito and cricket.

Next, with ear phone on our ears, we listen to the insect sounds. I showed him the insect’s image. After a few repeats, I tell him what the insect’s name is. Then he shouted the name. It’s so cute to hear him learning new vocabularies this way. And he sounds so cute too ;).

After a few introductions, I played the sounds randomly and asked him to show me which insects made the sound and saying the name. And we keep going for some rounds.


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One comment on “The Very Quiet Cricket

  1. Thank you so much for linking up to the Virtual Book Club this month. I love how your little one experienced sounds and new words, what a fun experience. Happy 2nd Birthday to your little one too!

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