The Very Quiet Cricket

Ouch, I didn’t manage to take any photos of my son doing this activity this month. We have been very busy with birthday preparation (he is having his 2nd birthday last Saturday! 🙂 ) and some illness. But we are fully recovered now.

The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle is a gentle and may I say romantic ? 🙂 I read the online version and they got it animated ! Beautiful ! I have been fascinated by Eric Carle’s illustration. Seems random but very detailed. I was planning to have my son imitate his illustration, in toddler way of course, but we didn’t make it… Hopefully other participant created the activity.

So, for this month’s Book Club Activity, we decided to go with the audio challenge for my son. I downloaded some insect sounds found in the book from JungleWalk and put it on my smartphone. I choose sounds that are distinguishable easily. Then I printed real images of the insects. They are bee, mosquito and cricket.

Next, with ear phone on our ears, we listen to the insect sounds. I showed him the insect’s image. After a few repeats, I tell him what the insect’s name is. Then he shouted the name. It’s so cute to hear him learning new vocabularies this way. And he sounds so cute too ;).

After a few introductions, I played the sounds randomly and asked him to show me which insects made the sound and saying the name. And we keep going for some rounds.


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The Carrot Seed

My son is currently 23 months old.

I joined the April Virtual Book Club for Kids hosted by Toddler Approved. This April, we read The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss. I read & listen to it online from this youtube link. This is a simple book with a big message. I love the simple illustration, too bad I do not have it in my hands.

We need to do an activity with our children based on this book. So I’ve been thinking what is the age appropriate activity for my son ?

He is now in the mood of putting things in & out and stickers. So I made these 2 activities to adapt his interest.

Tissue Paper Carrots

I cut some orange tissue papers into stripes and gave it to him, with an example of how to crumple it. Well, actually he doesn’t need an example 🙂

We crumpled a lot of papers. Then I showed him to put the crumpled paper into a plastic bag which I already make into triangle shape (just need a little tape). He loves to put those papers into the bag. He first put them one by one, but then he grabbed some and put them together. After the bag is quite full, I tied it up, and gave my son the leaves to stick it on top of the remaining plastic. Oh so cute.

We managed to make 8 carrots. All done in 8 days :). When he lost his concentration in putting those papers in, he just eat them. So I stopped this activity and continue it tomorrow. That way, we make 1 per day.

This bright colored carrots stays next to his play dough, we play “plant the carrots” by covering it with the dough. And “harvest the carrots” by pulling them up.

Plant The Carrots

My son is also into stickers, so I made carrot stickers, following a tutorial from this video. Then I drew the garden & the little boy on a brown paper.

Next, I gave him the carrot stickers (image from FreeClipartNow), a wet towel and show him how to press the stickers on the wet towel then stick them on the garden.

And this is the result of our quick play.

It’s still wet from the water, sorry….

Wow, this is fun. I love to prepare an activity that is age appropriate, and also doing it together with my son. I will do it again!

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Toys Review : Pounding Egg

Mainan lucu ini Nat terima untuk hadiah ulangtahun pertamanya. Tetapi Nat baru bisa memainkannya secara tepat pada usia 18 bulan. Dia mulai bisa memukul-mukulkan palu ke arah bola dan bisa menaruh bola kembali di lubangnya, lalu dipukul-pukul lagi. Kalau sudah bosan dengan palunya, Nat akan langsung pakai tangannya untuk menekan bola sehingga bola jatuh. Begitu terus. 🙂 Kalau bola keluar, akan kena 2 buah lonceng yang berbunyi dan suaranya membuat Nat makin bersemangat !

Yang perlu diperhatikan adalah ukuran bola & lonceng yang pas masuk di mulut batita. Nat beberapa kali memasukkan bola-bola warna warni ini kedalam mulutnya. Langsung saya keluarkan. Yah, Nat suka mainan ini tetapi tetap main apapun tidak boleh ditinggal ya ? 🙂

Selebihnya saya suka dengan permainan ini.  Warna cerah, cat non-toxic yang aman, dan melihat Nat konsentrasi memukul dan mengembalikkan bola ke tempatnya membuat saya yakin, anak saya makin bertumbuh. 🙂

Untuk mendapatkan mainan ini, klik saja ke puzzleku. Banyak mainan kayu & puzzle yang akan membuat anak-anak asyik sekaligus belajar. Kami punya beberapa puzzle nya dan terbukti, Nat suka sekali ! Sayangnya saya sering lupa memotretnya ketika sedang bermain.

Catatan adalah review berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi, jika dikemudian hari Anda menemukan pengalaman yang berbeda maka bukanlah tanggung jawab kami. Dan kami tidak menerima keuntungan material baik secara langsung maupun tidak langsung dari review yang dibuat di blog ini.

My Son’s First Work of Art

Inspired by No Time for Flash Cards and Peaceful Parenting, I decided to give paint a try with my 20 months old son. And here it is… I give you his 1st work of art. MILESTONE !

So what is that ? It’s actually a wind mill.

My original plan was for him to put pom poms on the double sided tape. He did, but he also pulled them out. Some thread remained. He put some in his mouth. I took them out. Again, again, and again… Arrgghh! OK dear, let`s try finger painting with food coloring. So I dropped some on the paper. He quickly smeared them. Then, he liked it !! He kept asking me to drop more. And the next thing we know, he started to drop them by himself on his feet. Ah…

It was a mess, but we had fun 😉

Food coloring is edible, cheap, and available in many colors. Easy to clean on any surface : skin, floor and clothes. I’m going to restock. 🙂

OK, maybe not that easy to clean on skin… 😀 need more bath & soap 😀

My Shiny Teeth & Me

Saya kesulitan menyikat gigi Nat yang berjumlah 8 buah. Sebelum tidur pagi & malam, ketemu sikat gigi (belum pakai pasta gigi) selalu mingkem. Kalaupun mau buka mulut dibarengi dengan tangisan & selalu menghindar.

Sikat gigi saya coba Oral-B dan Jordan. Jordan lebih lembut dan bentuknya lucu. Tapi sama saja Nat tidak suka digosok giginya.

Lalu saya cari video sikat gigi. Ini salah satu yang berhasil mengalihkan Nat untuk sikat gigi, sampai lagunya habis 🙂 My Shiny Teeth & Me – Chip Skylark. Siapa itu ? Another Justin Bieber ? :D. Dia karakter penyanyi di film anak-anak Fairly Odd Parents (favorit saya waktu kuliah :p). Lagunya lucu, giginya lucu, berhasil mengalihkan Nat & membuat saya berdansa :p

My Shiny Teeth And Me

When I’m feeling lonely, sad as I can be
All by myself on an uncharted island in an endless sea

What makes me happy, fills me up with glee
those bones in my JAW! that don’t have a flaw
My Shiny Teeth and ME

My shiny teeth that twinkle, Just like the stars in space
My shiny teeth that sparkle, addin’ beauty to my face
My shiny teeth that glisten, just like a christmas tree
You know they walk a mile just to see me smile,
My Shiny Teeth and Me (shiny teeth shiny teeth)

Yes they’re all so perfect, so white and pearly
Brush Gargle Rinse, A couple breath mints
My shiny teeth and me

My shiny teeth so awesome, just like my favorite song
My shiny teeth I floss them, so they grow to be real strong

My shiny teeth I love them, and they all love me (AhhhAhhh)
Why should I talk to you, when I got 32 (woo)
My shiny teeth and me (shiny teeth shiny teeth)
My shiny teeth and me (shiny teeth shiny teeth)

My shiny teeth that twinkle, Just like the stars in space
My shiny teeth that sparkle, addin’ beauty to my face
My shiny teeth that glisten, just like a christmas tree (ahhhhahhhh)
You know they walk a mile just to see me smile
My Shiny Teeth and Me (shiny teeth shiny teeth)