The Carrot Seed

My son is currently 23 months old.

I joined the April Virtual Book Club for Kids hosted by Toddler Approved. This April, we read The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss. I read & listen to it online from this youtube link. This is a simple book with a big message. I love the simple illustration, too bad I do not have it in my hands.

We need to do an activity with our children based on this book. So I’ve been thinking what is the age appropriate activity for my son ?

He is now in the mood of putting things in & out and stickers. So I made these 2 activities to adapt his interest.

Tissue Paper Carrots

I cut some orange tissue papers into stripes and gave it to him, with an example of how to crumple it. Well, actually he doesn’t need an example 🙂

We crumpled a lot of papers. Then I showed him to put the crumpled paper into a plastic bag which I already make into triangle shape (just need a little tape). He loves to put those papers into the bag. He first put them one by one, but then he grabbed some and put them together. After the bag is quite full, I tied it up, and gave my son the leaves to stick it on top of the remaining plastic. Oh so cute.

We managed to make 8 carrots. All done in 8 days :). When he lost his concentration in putting those papers in, he just eat them. So I stopped this activity and continue it tomorrow. That way, we make 1 per day.

This bright colored carrots stays next to his play dough, we play “plant the carrots” by covering it with the dough. And “harvest the carrots” by pulling them up.

Plant The Carrots

My son is also into stickers, so I made carrot stickers, following a tutorial from this video. Then I drew the garden & the little boy on a brown paper.

Next, I gave him the carrot stickers (image from FreeClipartNow), a wet towel and show him how to press the stickers on the wet towel then stick them on the garden.

And this is the result of our quick play.

It’s still wet from the water, sorry….

Wow, this is fun. I love to prepare an activity that is age appropriate, and also doing it together with my son. I will do it again!

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Yogurt Muffin

Mengunjungi Little Gastronomy membuat saya sangat tertarik dengan resep-resepnya. Menarik ! Asia, namun ada perpaduan internasionalnya. Dan ini resep yang pertama saya coba : Yogurt Muffin. Saya membuat 1/2 resep dahulu, dan ternyata sukses, lembut sekali. Rasanya pun enak, rasa asamnya jadi aksen yang bagus untuk muffin. Saya pasti akan mencobanya lagi dengan buah-buahan yang lain 🙂 .


Yogurt Muffin resep dari Little Gastronomy

Bahan :
240g plain yogurt
150g aprikot kering/kismis/peach direndam, potong kecil (saya pakai aprikot, tidak direndam)
120g mentega tawar suhu ruang
100g gula palem
2 buah telur
200g tepung terigu
2sdt baking powder
1sdt baking soda
Sejumput garam

Cara Membuat :
1. Di mangkuk kecil, campur yogurt dan aprikot, sisihkan
2. Panaskan oven 180C dan siapkan loyang muffin
3. Di mangkuk yang lain, ayak tepung, baking powder, baking soda dan garam, sisihkan
4. Kocok mentega tawar dan gula palem bersama sampai ringan dan fluffy
5. Masukkan telur kocok pelan-pelan (saya mulai dengan kuning telur dahulu baru putihnya-adonan jadi ada airnya, saya tambah tepung)
6. Masukkan campuran yogurt dan aduk rata
7. Masukkan tepung perlahan-lahan dan aduk balik, hati-hati jangan mengaduk terlalu lama, tidak masalah bila adonan tidak terlalu rata atau tepung masih terlihat
8. Masukkan adonan kedalam cetakan, panggang selama 20-25 menit (saya 35 menit) atau sampai warnanya menjadi coklat keemasan

Catatan :
Muffin bisa disimpan di lemari es sampai 1 minggu, hangatkan terlebih dahulu sebelum di santap, wangi yogurtnya akan lebih terasa.

Vanilla Teether Cookies

My 11 months old son loves cookies. He screams everytime my oven’s timer beeps. The sign that his cookies are ready. He enjoys his cookies silently, munching them with joy.

This time I searched for teething biscuits. I go with this Vanilla Teether Cookies. It turned out very hard, of course, it’s a teething cookie. But considering the amount of sugar in it, I will give it to my son when he is a toddler.

These cookies are hard, delicious, and good to snack on for toddler with teething problem.

Vanilla Teether Cookies recipe from Homemade Baby Food

Ingredients :
1 egg, beaten
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup all purpose flour
1 Tbsp vanilla essence

Mix all ingredients together
Roll the dough on a floured flat surface, 5 mm thickness, cut with cookie cutter
Leave it for 12 hours (watch out for ants)
Bake it for 12 minutes or until golden